The Limen

A monthly discussion series



The Limen[li-men] is a discussion and experiential group offering an opportunity to heighten consciousness through new thought or new capacity within the self. In the spirit of exploring a new topic each month, we will be ushering in what is known and making contact with the margins of what is not yet known, encountered, or sensed.


The liminal space is that which traverses between what we know, and what we can’t imagine that we are, remade.


Here, we will use it to cultivate a transitional space to encounter the sensory threshold (of memories, dreams, encounters, sense impressions and reflections) where we perceive and play with nuance, ambiguity, conflict, temporality, paradox, subjectivity, metamorphosis, and process.

Photograph by Krystyna Sanderson

Photograph by Krystyna Sanderson


Engaging in discussions that will explore a different topic each month as they relate to each of us, this group asks of us an openness to cultivate a deeper awareness for the purpose of cultivating a space for understanding, interpersonal and intrapsychic connections, and balance of extremes. The Limen is a space for the seeking to seek…and the engaged to engage tensions and polarities and the myriad shades in between.. This is an invitation to play for the sake of playing with the mundane and extraordinary experiences.

Each month’s topic will comprise a mini experiential and an in-depth discussion to encounter the paradox that is being human, such as the need to empty ourselves to replenish; the end something so that something else can begin; or the coupling of dark and light in order to see. Whichever place we arrive at, offers an opportunity for

  • Relief from expectations of knowing
  • Being trapped in an either/or paradigm; or
  • Remaining in a confused, shutdown or shiftless state of being.

All options and tensions will be actively entertained and played with to draw closer to the unnamable, unfathomable, unconscionable as a fuller encounter with our humanity.


When: First meeting is Wednesday, October 11, 2017
            An Exploration of Transition

Time: 8:30-10pm

Location: Union Square

Who: Anyone interested in expanding internal experience
through interpersonal engagement. An open mind to your self
and to the group is encouraged. Space is limited to 8 people.

Commitment: None needed except for the one you are attending.

RSVP at least 48 hours in advance
Fee: $15 to reserve your spot, $20 at the door



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 The word, limen, often used as an adjective, liminal, derives from the Latin word for “threshold, cross-piece or sill.” It can also mean barely perceptible, in-between, transitional or relating to being an intermediary state, phase or condition.