Psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy shed light on the unconscious to guide change. These forms of psychotherapy are insight oriented, collaborative processes to help with expressing emotion, developing tolerance of painful experiences, working through trauma, understanding a person’s role in shaping events and relationships, and improving interpersonal functioning. It is recommended when problems include depression, confusion of identity, troubled relationships, the experience of loss, addiction, and unresolved feelings or familial conflicts.


Creative arts therapy and play therapy are also forms of psychotherapy that tend to embrace a more active use of creativity to communicate. They are used for healing, insight, and growth for individuals at any stage of life and embrace all that is human experience.

Problems spark growth or regression. The coupling of treatment in the face of difficulty makes the former inevitable by expanding self-reflective capacities, leading to opportunities for growth and perspective, and ultimately, changes in lifestyle that develop and strengthen agency, self-care, flexibility and overall functioning.

Individual Therapy

A closer examination of one’s life and a need to reformulate one’s sense of self and the world may be in order. This change happens through the development of an authentic relationship between patient and therapist. As issues arise, psychotherapy opens windows of tolerance and insight to tackle them by modeling a new relationship with the self.

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy serves a variety of constructions of the family unit. Of principle importance is developing a mutual understanding through the practice of active listening, thus cultivating an open space for each member of the family to have a voice.

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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy enhances the relationship, whether to improve upon strained connections and dysfunctional ways of relating, or to strengthen the support you have already developed. Couples therapy also serves to cultivate each person’s ability to function as individuals and embrace each other’s distinct experiences and ideas.

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