Marianne Hughes is a Registered, Board Certified and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Psychoanalyst practicing in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley. Marianne studied social work (BSW) at Michigan State University, art therapy and creativity development at Pratt Institute (MPS), and psychoanalysis at the Institute for Expressive Analysis.

Marianne served on the board of the New York Coalition of Creative Arts Therapists (NYCCAT) as a member, Conference Chair, Educational Liaison to the creative arts therapy departments of NYC graduate schools, and Vice President, transitioning professionals into practicing under New York State licensure guidelines.

During the past fifteen years, Marianne has offered supportive therapy to individuals and groups with adjustment, depressive, anxiety, dissociative, psychotic, traumatic, and stress-related disorders through engaging personal narratives and acknowledging the current role histories of trauma play in the internal landscape, family life and the recovery process.

Marianne continues to practice from an insight-oriented, relational treatment model and applies this to psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychoeducation, psychoanalysis, creative arts therapy and play therapy with individuals and groups.

Marianne specializes in shame, anger, and dissociation originating from early attachment and relational trauma. Prior to becoming a psychoanalyst and creative arts therapist, she worked with adjudicated youth and their re-enactment of familial trauma, as well as with refugees adapting to American life.