Couples Therapy


Psychotherapy for couples is a process of interactions wherein there is reciprocity between communicating for the sake of understanding and understanding for the sake of better communication.

Developing a deeper sense of each other through both communicating and understanding creates a different kind of bond where intimacy is the king and queen. It is neither one person nor the other, but the co-creation in between for something greater than each person alone.

Couples therapy enhances the relationship, whether to improve upon strained connections and dysfunctional ways of relating, or to strengthen the support you have already developed. Couples therapy also serves to cultivate each person’s ability to function as individuals and embrace each other’s distinct experiences and ideas.

Just as dynamics in the home negatively impact performance in other areas of life, improvements that build trust and strengthen the relationship fundamentally change one’s overall sense being loveable and capable, for example. Thus couples therapy offers a secondary gain: it can be a wonderful way to work on the self, using one’s partner as a mirror into the self.

Couples therapy looks not only at the content of what each is saying, but perhaps even more importantly, we look at and ‘listen to’ the way in which we say what we are saying to each other. As we examine the process of communication, we become not only more present and more alive, paying closer attention to these details makes it possible to see our partner (who we may have known for- seemingly- ever) more clearly, to make changes in the interpersonal encounter, and to feel a deeper sense of self and mutual regard.